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Privacy Agreement 

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Taleo Global Privacy Notice 

Last Updated [20] July 2015

Use of your Information

This notice describes how Pearson, its subsidiaries, related and affiliated companies (collectively, “Pearson”) handle and protect the information you provide throughout or in connection with the recruitment process, including during assessments and interviews (“Information”).

The Information will be used to: progress your application for employment; consider you for other career opportunities with Pearson; assist Pearson in monitoring the diversity of our applicants (where we are legally required to do so); and, if your application is successful, your information may be processed for personnel administration and management purposes.

Access and Transfer of your Information

Pearson companies’, its affiliates and service providers worldwide may access and share this Information for the purposes set out above.

The Information will be hosted and maintained in the European Union on behalf of Pearson by Oracle Corporation, a trusted service provider. It may be accessed by providers acting on behalf of Pearson such as recruitment specialists and other vendors and service providers assisting Pearson in the recruitment process.  Pearson will always seek to comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations and protect your Information. Pearson asks of third parties and vendors that they meet local data protection laws and that they comply with Pearson's own data privacy standards.

Retaining your Information

Should your application for employment be unsuccessful, Pearson may retain your Information to consider you for other opportunities with Pearson and for such period as Pearson considers necessary for legal or business purposes.

Security and Confidentiality

Pearson employs technical and organisational measures designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, security and availability of the Information. Pearson limits access to internal systems that hold the Information to individuals who need access for a legitimate business purpose relating to the purposes set out above.

Your Rights

Should you decide to withdraw your application or you no longer wish to be considered for future opportunities at Pearson please contact

Should you have any questions or queries regarding Pearson’s management of your Information or how to request further information on your rights please contact

Requests for the disclosure, correction or the ceasing of processing of Information made to Pearson shall be carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Pearson will delete candidate personal information in line with local legal data protection requirements.

By accepting below, you confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice and give your consent to the collection, processing, retention and disclosure of your Information as envisaged by and in accordance with these terms. If you decline to provide the Information, we will be unable to progress your application.

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